Thinkfinity Sponsored by Verizon and many foundations, fantastic site for resources for teachers, students, parents - FREE
Discovery Education - Streaming Subscription service for videos, images, lesson plans, and other resources
Apple Learning Interchange - Great web site for resources
Ideas to Insprie Fantastic web site to find some other sites and ideas of how to use technology, where I found some of the sites listed below
TeachersFirst Great web site for reources for teachers
PrintCutFold Lesson Exchange
Thomson LearningSample interactive and editable technology lessons for K-5
Rubistar Website to find rubrics for just about anything!
Technology Applications Network - Integration lesson plans by grade level
Blogging Letter A great sample letter to send home about blogging in the classroom
Free Tech 4 Teachers education application ideas
ClassChtter ClassChatter offers free blogging and web tools for teachers at all levels of education
Netlingo What do all of those abbreviations that students use mean?

Paul Wood Wikispace for Bishop Dunne teacher with some helpful links
WhiteBoard Blog Great resource from the UK on whiteboard use in the classroom. Many links here to use
Promethean Wikispace for Promethean interactive whiteboards
Smartlinks Wikispace for Smartboard links
Free Technology for Teachers Blog page that reviews technoolgy resources for teachers and how to use. Ideas for integrating technology in education
Example Classroom Wiki 3rd grade classroom wiki
Larry Ferlazzo's Blog
iLearnTechnology Blog
Cool Cat Teacher Blog

Catholic School Chronicle News, Resources and Discussion for Catholic Teachers and Catechists
CatholicEdu A wikispace that contains resources for Catholic educators
Catholic School Tech Connect From the Archdiocese of Philadelphia with some Skype connections and ideas.

That Quiz Online quizzes for Math, Geography, Science and Vocabulary

ZoHo Like Google Docs, another option to look at
Bubbl A simple and free web application that lets you brainstorm online

Smilebox Scrapbooking
Glogster Interactive posters
Tux Paint Paint program for younger students - free, lots of sounds that they love
ArtRage Free and also paid, the free version is scaled back, but has some really nice features
Picnik Photo editing
AutoCollage Free collage program
Audacity Recording audio to use on an MP3 or in a program
Free Kids Music A large assortment of songs you can copy to CD, MP3, or play on your computer
Google Earth
KeepVid Download movies from Youtube (and other sources) as flv or mp4

Word It Out
ABCya Word Cloud

VIRTUAL FIELD TRIPS:SmithsonianSmithsonian Museum virtual tours

Forgotten Books
International Children's Library
Project Gutenberg The first producer of free electronic books (ebooks)
Storyline Online The Screen Actors Guild member reading children's books
City of Sachse Texas Library go to online resources to access Tumblebooks for read along stories, games and other fun
Radio Lovers Old time radio stories online.

Around the World in 80 Classrooms

Qwiki a unique way to search

Khan Academy source for online videos and lessons. Some science and history. Mostly math
BrainNook a virtual world in which students can practice their mathematics and English skills
Learn Your Tables site for students to use to learn and develop multiplication skills
Ten Marks an online mathematics tutoring service designed to be a supplement to classroom instruction
Yummy Math website designed for the purpose of sharing mathematics problems and scenarios based on things happening in the world today
Web 2.0 Calculator a free online scientific calculator
Math Open Reference free online reference for geometry teachers and students that features animated and interactive drawings to demonstrate geometry terms and concepts
Conceptual Math primary focus is on the development of tools to aid teachers in the instruction of lessons on fractions. There are a mix of free and premium (paid) tools
Algebra by Dan Meyer 38 week Algebra curriculum complete with slides, handouts, and just about everything you need in order to deliver the lessons.
Geometry by Dan Meyer 38 week Geometry curriculum like the Algebra above
Plus Magazine free online publication dedicated to introducing readers to practical applications of mathematics
WolframAlpha a wide range of information besides Math
Mathalicious Middle school math, Algebra and Algebra II resources
Math 3 Under the Sea - from LearnAlberta.ca- primary math
Math 6 Spy Guy grade 6 math from LearnAlberta.ca
Junior High Math Interactives junior high math from LearnAlberta.ca
Math Live presents students with animated stories that teach mathematics lessons
Interactive a suite of fifty-nine interactive mathematics assessments produced by the non-profit organization
Decimal Squares offers eight interactive games that students can use to develop their understanding of place values
Sliding Block Puzzle Page provides puzzles to challenge your brain based on traditional block games. These games can help students develop creative problem solving skills
Interactive Numberline young students can use to learn to locate numbers and sequence numbers
Teacher Zone great site for math video lessons. Many offer an option for viewing if YouTube is blocked. You will need to register though to access the videos. Registration is free for teachers.

Weather Map great tool to create and present weather maps- present on a IWB or Airliner Slate
Windows to the Universe A great science website with online games and links.
Science Bingo From the Whiteboard Blog, this is a link to a great lesson starter idea from ICT Games
Sumanas is a provider of animations of science and statistics concepts. Their public gallery is divided into ten categories dealing with various topics in biology, chemistry, Earth science, and statistics
Celestia a free space exploration simulation program. Celestia is a free download that works on Mac, PC, and Linux systems
Chemical Education Digital Library a large collection of resources for teaching and learning chemistry
Hey LHS Kids features some good activities for elementary school students
The Periodic Table of Comic Books a project of the chemistry department at the University of Kentucky. The idea is that for every element in the Periodic Table of Elements there is a comic book reference.
Google Body Browser gives you a 360 degree view of the human body
University of Pennsylvania Health System provides nearly 200 video animations and explanations of injuries, diseases, and body systems
WorldWide Telescope makes very detailed, high resolution images (scientific quality) from space available to anyone with access to a computer and an internet connection
Shape It Up is one of many good educational games and activities on Kinetic City. The activity presents students with "before" and "after" images of a piece of Earth
Virtual Cell Animation Collection The Molecular & Cell Biology department at North Dakota State University introduce students to seventeen molecular and cellular processes
Game for Science virtual world built around science concepts
The Science of (American) Football could be a good way to get students who enjoy sports, but don't necessarily enjoy math and science, interested in learning math and science. Lessons can be found on Lessonopoly
eSkeletons produced by the Department of Anthropology at the University of Texas at Austin features interactive models of mammal skeletons
The Symphony of Science amazing website with mashup type videos about science. Junior high and high school would appreciate mostly.

Dimensions from BBC "Dimensions takes important places, events, and things, and overlays them onto a map of where you are. Type in your postcode or a place name to get started."
History for Music Lovers a YouTube channel with history music videos created by teachers from Hawaii

One Word simple writing prompt generator



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